Marketplace Terms of Service

Marketplace Terms of Service for LogoArena#

1. Introduction#

Welcome to the LogoArena Marketplace! This new section on our site lets you buy and sell a wide range of design services. Whether you're a designer looking to offer your skills or a client in search of the perfect design, our Marketplace is designed to bring you together. It fits right into our existing platform and follows the same terms of service, but with a few special guidelines to make sure everything goes smoothly for project-based work.

2. Definitions#

Marketplace: The section on our platform where users can buy and sell custom design services.

Designer: A registered user who offers and delivers design services through the Marketplace.

Client: A registered user who purchases design services through the Marketplace.

3. Using the Marketplace#

The Marketplace is designed for designers to showcase and directly sell their design services to clients. Clients can browse these services, interact with designers, and purchase design projects that meet their specific needs. Here’s how it works:

4. Marketplace Transactions#

Transactions within the Marketplace follow a structured process:

  • Project Posting: Designers post detailed project descriptions, including scope, deliverables, and pricing.
  • Project Selection: Clients review project listings, interact with designers if needed, and purchase the services that best fit their needs.
  • Project Delivery: Designers deliver the project according to the agreed specifications and timelines.

5. Marketplace Fees and Payments#

  • Fee Structure: LogoArena charges a 30% service fee on all transactions in the Marketplace.
  • Payment Processing: All payments are securely processed through third-party gateways. Designers get their earnings minus the service fee after they complete a project and client approval.

6. Intellectual Property#

Upon completion of a project and full payment, copyright ownership of the delivered designs transfers from the designer to the client, unless otherwise agreed upon. Designers must ensure that all submissions are their original work and free from third-party copyrights.

7. Marketplace Refund Policy#

We aim for complete client satisfaction. If a client is dissatisfied with the final delivery, they can request revisions or a refund according to the following conditions:

  • Full Refund: Available if the work delivered is very different from what was agreed upon.
  • Partial Refund: Offered under conditions where the project requirements are met but the client is not fully satisfied. Specific terms are detailed in the Marketplace Refund Policy.

Contact Information#

For any questions regarding these Marketplace Terms of Service, please contact us directly via our support channel provided on the LogoArena website.

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