Business Cards Design

The Business Card Design Add-On is a practical way to carry your branding forward with the help of the designer who already knows your style. Here’s a quick overview:

Purpose: Business cards are often the first physical introduction to your brand, so having a well-crafted one is key for making a great impression.

Working with Your Winning Designer: You'll collaborate with the designer who won your logo contest, ensuring that your business cards are a natural extension of your brand's visual identity.

Design Process: It's a collaborative effort where you can share feedback directly with your designer, just like in your logo contest. This helps in fine-tuning the design to perfectly suit your needs.

Specifications: Standard business card sizes are usually 3.5" x 2" (approximately 1050 x 600 pixels). Within these dimensions, there’s room for creative layouts and designs.

Deliverables: The final design will be delivered in a digital format PDF, which is the most common for print materials. These files ensure that your cards can be easily printed while maintaining high quality.

This add-on makes it easy to get business cards that not only share your contact info but also strengthen your brand's identity in every interaction.