Custom Addon Project

Enjoy the benefit of working with the creative mind behind your winning logo on a custom project tailored specifically for your brand. This option is ideal for projects that extend beyond our standard add-on offerings, allowing for a personalized approach to your unique branding needs. Here's a concise overview:

Purpose: Designed to accommodate any project outside the scope of our predefined add-on projects, custom projects offer a flexible solution for your unique requirements—be it for exclusive merchandise, specialized packaging, or any other branding material that demands a custom touch.

Working with Your Winning Designer: Continue your journey with the designer who brought your logo to life. This ensures a seamless extension of your brand's visual identity, capitalizing on a partnership already attuned to your brand's essence.

Pricing: The cost for these bespoke projects is negotiated directly with your designer. Once an agreement is reached on the project details and price, your designer will send you an offer to officially kickstart your custom project.

Custom projects provide an unparalleled opportunity to further refine and expand your brand identity with the expertise of your trusted designer, ensuring every aspect of your branding is coherent and compelling.