Overview of Contest Upgrades

When you set up a contest on LogoArena, you have several upgrade options to tailor the contest to your needs. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Fully Blind Contest: In this type of contest, designers can't see each other's submissions. This encourages more original and diverse designs, as each designer works independently without being influenced by others' ideas.
  • Featured Contest: Make your contest stand out. A featured contest is more visible to designers on our platform, attracting more participants and potentially higher-quality designs.
  • Private Contest: If privacy is a priority, a private contest is ideal. Your contest details and submissions won't be visible to the public or findable on search engines like Google, ensuring confidentiality.
  • 15% Tips for Designers: This is an option to add an extra incentive for designers. By offering a tip, you can encourage more participation and creativity, potentially leading to a wider range of high-quality submissions.

These upgrades are designed to give you more control over your contest and attract the best possible designs for your brand. You can choose one or more of these options based on what's most important for your logo design experience.