Client procedures

Value for our clients#

  • Variety of logo concepts to choose from, Get 50-200+ high quality and unique logo concepts by our top designers in any typical contest.
  • Logo questionnaire that communicates detailed information about your organization with our designers.
  • Our efficient and user-friendly selection tools that will help you rank and manage logo entries.
  • Contest discussion forums where you can provide feedback to designers on their logo concepts.
  • Industry standard vector files in .EPS format that can be used in many applications.

Get the most out of your logo contest#

For you to get the most out of your logo contest, in terms of higher quantity and quality of entries, clients should follow these simple steps.

  • Communicate as much as possible in the logo questionnaire about your business for which you require a custom logo.
  • The higher the contest prize is, the more entries by our best logo designers you will get.
  • Rank your entries daily. This will ensure that the designers know your preferences and how you feel about their logos.
  • Provide feedback to as many entries as you can via one on one, designer/client discussion boards. This will ensure that designers know exactly what you are looking for. The more feedback and ranking updates you provide, the better results you will get.

Requirement for LogoArena Clients #

If a contest holder is not satisfied with the entries received at the close of a contest, a 7-day extension may be applicable without any extra cost. However, contest holders must select a winner within 7 days after the contest ends, during the "judging period".

If a winner is not selected at the close of the judging period, Logo Arena staff will select the winner based on existing ranks of the contest holder. We also require the contest holder to select 3 different designers for the top 3 ranks. These policies are in place to maintain a high level of designer integrity, confidence, and participation in the LogoArena community.

If 21 days have passed without any submitted designs being rated, and the client hasn't responded to any of our outreach emails, we adhere to our policy by marking the contest as completed without selecting a winner. Consequently, the prize money is split among the participating designers. This approach ensures that designers are compensated for their contributions and helps sustain the trust and engagement of our designer community in future contests.