Buy Extra Logos

Purchase additional logos from your logo contest#

We get it. Choosing only one logo from a contest can be very hard. Sometimes you simply love a few designs. Or.. maybe you just want to keep your options open for a future rebrand.

The good news is, you can now buy more logos from contest after you select a winner (and, at a discounted price).

How to purchase additional logos#

First, navigate to your ended contest page and open your completed logo contest.

Click on the "Buy Extra Logos" to review all your design entries. To purchase a logo, click on "Add to Cart."

After adding a logo, you will see it in your cart. Here, you'll see a discount applied for purchasing more than one logo, making it more cost-effective to buy multiple designs. When you're done, proceed to checkout to finalize your purchase.

Designers Prepare Your Files: Once your purchase is complete, the designers of the logos you bought will be notified. They will then prepare and upload the final files for each logo.

Download Your New Logos: You’ll be notified when the files are ready, and you can download them directly from your account.

This streamlined process ensures you can easily acquire and utilize additional creative designs for your brand, all while enjoying savings on multiple purchases. Note that you can also always access and download your extra purchased logos from your account dashboard in the "Logo Orders" tab.