Designer procedures

How designers will benefit from LogoArena#

Here at LogoArena, designers will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes by entering into multiple contests every day. All contests are prepaid, which means, it is our responsibility that the winning designer gets paid the full prize amount (less administration fees) right away.

Designers will be recognized and promoted based on their credibility (point system) at LogoArena. We are a professional and friendly community, and we strive to keep it that way so our designers can take part in contests without any conflicts and disputes.

Designer Standards#

  • Respect all community members.
  • Respect all contest holders and treat them like your own customers. Respect their opinion for selecting their choice of winning logo and do not harass them even if you believe their decision was not right.
  • In order to resolve an issue with an individual, please contact them politely through the private message before you post anything in forums.
  • Private arrangements with contest holders are unacceptable. It is unacceptable for designers to offer additional services to influence their decision toward selecting your logo. However, winning designers may offer additional services, such as website, business card, or letterhead design, but only after a contest has successfully completed.
  • Do not post messages about any entries in the contest discussion area. It is only for greetings, updates, and clarification of the given contest. All discussion regarding specific entries must be held in private discussion area (one-on-one discussion between client and designer).

Submission Requirements#

  • ONLY POST ORIGINAL WORK. It is our strict policy that designers DO NOT USE CLIPART in their logo entries, even if you own a user license. This includes databases such as ISTOCKPHOTO, SHUTTERSTOCK, and VECTOR STOCK etc.
  • Designers must design logos in VECTOR ONLY. DO NOT USE PHOTOSHOP. Use programs such as ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR or COREL DRAW.
  • Deliver the correct file after you win the contest. Submit the final file in .EPS format only. PHOTOSHOP .PSD FILES ARE NOT ACCEPTED!
  • Make sure your designs are not offensive and do not contain anything that could be considered illegal.
  • Image dimension should exactly be 350x280 px in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format.
  • One concept per submission. If you want to show variations of your logo idea, upload a separate file for each variation.
  • DO NOT USE WATERMARK on any submission.
  • Image should be centered. Give equal spacing vertically and horizontally.
  • Do not use any borders. We do not want any inconsistencies in portfolio presentation.
  • Use only solid background colors. Entries containing backgrounds such as sky, mountains etc will be disqualified. LogoArena staff may also remove entries that look unprofessional.

LogoArena support may remove entries without notice for violating the submission requirements.