How Logo Contests Work on LogoArena

Logo contests on LogoArena follow a simple and efficient process. Fill in a brief, receive design entries, select a winner.

1. Create a Contest#

As a contest holder, you launch a contest by first submitting our interactive design brief and choose your contest prize. Logo contests start as low as $299. You provide information about your business, design preferences, and any specific requirements you have for the logo. You then select your contest package prize, upgrades, and launch your contest.

2. Designer Submissions#

Once the contest is launched, talented logo designers from the LogoArena community submit their design concepts for your contest. You can start seeing unique logo designs and variations right away. Depending on your contest prize, you can expect 50-200+ design entries. See here: how many entries to expect from a logo design contest?

3. Contest Live Phase - Feedback and Collaboration#

During the live phase, you can provide feedback and ratings on the submitted designs. You can also request revisions or provide specific instructions to designers to fine-tune the designs according to your preferences.

4. Contest Judging Phase - Finalizing the Design#

In the judging phase you finalize your rankings, and then work closely with the designer ranked in 1st place to fine-tune and finalize your chosen design. You can request any necessary revisions and adjustments until you are satisfied with the final result.

5. Selecting a Winner#

Once you're happy with the final design, you can select that design as the winning design.

6. Ownership and Files#

Once the logo is finalized, you receive full ownership rights to the design. You also receive the logo files in various formats for your immediate and future use. See - What is included in the final files .zip?