Overview of 1:1 Addon Projects

LogoArena's 1:1 Project Add-Ons feature bridges the gap between logo design and further branding needs, offering a great way for contest holders to continue working with their winning designer on additional projects.

This approach not only ensures brand consistency but also meets specific design expectations. Here's how it works in a more approachable manner:

Continued Collaboration with Winning Designers

After a logo contest, you can easily start additional projects like business cards or social media covers with the designer who created your winning logo. This seamless transition keeps the same style and understanding of your brand.

Templates and Guidelines for Quality and Consistency

We provide templates and guidelines for each add-on project, ensuring the final designs meet certain standards in terms of size and file format. This way, you know exactly what to expect in terms of deliverables, and designers have a clear framework to work within.

Despite these guidelines, there's plenty of room for creativity. Designers can bring their unique flair to each project, as long as they stick to the basic format requirements.

Variety of Add-On Projects

Choose from a range of follow-up projects like Email Signatures, Business Cards, Profile Images, Brand Guides, and Social Media Covers. Each has a set price, making it easy to budget for your additional branding needs.

Easy Setup and Management

Setting up a 1:1 project is just like starting a logo contest. You'll have a dedicated space to work with the designer and see your brand's extended visual identity come to life.

Just like in a logo contest, you'll go through stages of collaboration and review in 1:1 projects. The big difference is that you'll be doing this with just one designer who already knows your style. This makes the whole process simpler and more direct, as you're working closely with someone who's already in tune with your brand.

Follow up add-on projects are perfect for keeping your branding cohesive and getting all your design needs met in one place. It’s a straightforward way to build upon the success of your logo contest and further develop your brand's visual identity with the designer who already knows your style and preferences.