Featured Contest

Featured contests on LogoArena are a great way to gain additional visibility and attract more high-quality designs from our community of talented designers. Here's what you need to know about opting for a featured contest:

Enhanced Visibility for Your Contest

  • Increased Attraction: When you choose to feature your contest, it gains a prominent spot on the LogoArena platform. This elevated visibility means more designers are likely to see and participate in your contest, increasing the diversity and creativity of submissions you receive.
  • Highlighting Your Project: Featured contests stand out visually on the site, catching the eye of designers. This not only helps in attracting more designers but also signals that your contest is a priority, often leading to a higher engagement from the design community.
  • Incentivizing Top Talent: Designers who win a featured contest receive double the ranking points compared to regular contests. This significant boost is a strong motivator for top designers to participate in your contest, as it offers them a valuable opportunity to improve their standing and reputation on the platform.

Attracting Our Best Designers

  • Attracting Highly Skilled Designers: The prospect of earning double points attracts highly skilled and competitive designers to your contest. This means you're more likely to get submissions that are not only creative but also of exceptional quality, as designers strive to showcase their best work.
  • Quality Submissions: With the increase in visibility and participation, you're more likely to receive a higher quantity of submissions, which often translates to a broader spectrum of high-quality designs to choose from.

How to Opt for a Featured Contest

  • Upgrading to a featured contest is simple. During the contest creation process on the Contest Creation Page, you'll find the option to make your contest featured in the "Contest Prize Setup" section. Select this option to ensure your contest gets the extra attention it deserves.

Choosing to feature your contest on LogoArena is an excellent strategy for maximizing exposure and attracting a diverse pool of creative talent, ensuring you get the best possible logo design for your brand.