Fully Blind Contest

A Fully Blind Contest on LogoArena offers a unique approach to the logo design process, ensuring originality and independent creativity from participating designers. Here's how it works:

  • Privacy of Design Submissions: In a Fully Blind Contest, the designs submitted by the designers are not visible to other participating designers. This setup maintains the uniqueness of each design, as designers cannot see and be influenced by the work of others.
  • Encourages Originality: By keeping submissions private, each designer relies solely on your brief and their creativity. This often leads to a broader range of diverse and innovative designs, as designers are not swayed by the direction others are taking.
  • Client-Designer Interaction: As a client, you can still view all the submissions and provide feedback directly to each designer. This direct line of communication ensures that designers can refine their designs according to your specific needs and feedback.
  • Revealing Designs Post Contest: The designs are revealed to everyone only after the live contest phase has concluded. This big reveal allows everyone to appreciate the variety and creativity of the designs independently produced for your contest.
  • Benefits of a Fully Blind Contest:
    • Promotes Unique Concepts: Designers are more likely to take creative risks, leading to unique and innovative logo designs.
    • Reduces Bias: It prevents designers from being influenced by the ratings and comments on other submissions, ensuring a fairer and unbiased design process.

Opting for a Fully Blind Contest on LogoArena is an excellent choice if you value originality and want to explore a wide range of creative ideas for your logo. This format can lead to surprising and exceptional design outcomes, perfectly suited for a brand looking for something truly unique.

How to upgrade to a Fully Blind Contest?

To upgrade to a Fully Blind Contest on LogoArena, simply start your contest on the Contest Creation Page and proceed to the "Contest Prize Setup" section. Here, you'll find the option to select a Fully Blind Contest.