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Very happy with the artist, had some issues with illustrator file but he resolved them quickly. Would definitely use again. Cheers.

August 27th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: ezEvents(Review permalink)
Gunelson Fitness & Nutrition

This was SUCH an amazing process. We had so much FUN and are in LOVE with our new Logo!!! Thank you to our designer and to LOGO ARENA!

Amari Kain Salon

Awesome job!!! I like how you were able to mend everything I asked for. It says elegance and luxury without being to busy. I am really excited to have this on all of my advertising. It's perfect thank you!!!

August 20th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Amari Kain Salon(Review permalink)
, USA (Texas )

I'm SO glad I used LogoArena to design my logo - I would never have gotten so many versions for this money or within this time by using a local company. Harry was so creative and quick (and patient!) on working on various versions that I closed my competition 3 days into it as I received exactly what I wanted and more! Thank you!

August 16th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: DressMyLegs(Review permalink)
, Ireland
Emory Consulting

Great work! I really like the final outcome. The Designer gave me a couple of options to work with and patient with the minor tweaks and changes I requested.

August 15th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Emory Consulting(Review permalink)

Timeless Strong Classy... exactly was we envisioned. Very pleased with the outcome and the designer, who worked really hard to get it right, despite having a novice client :) Great job!

August 14th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: 9.6.2(Review permalink)
Studio 47

This Logo is work we are extremely proud of and happy with. It has taken on a life of its own, and stood out as we desired. Our designer was GREAT and very successful in translating our vision concept into a tangible logo! Very HAppy

August 14th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Studio 47(Review permalink)
, Jamaica

perfect, worked with us on some changes to acheive exactly what we were looking for

August 13th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: K0Lab(Review permalink)
, Australia
LIT Blue Sharks

I wanted to design a logo for a new sports team and did not know where to begin. Do i pay an artist to draw one out? Do i contact a graphic designer? Where do i begin and how much does it cost? That's when a friend suggested www.logoarena.com. What a great concept. Designers from all over the world compete in a monitored forum to create the best logo. Not only do you get the most creative choices from some great artists around the world, but best of all it's easy to do and inexpensive. Two thumbs up!

August 10th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: LIT Blue Sharks(Review permalink)
, NY
Aunty Millies Kitchen

My first contest so I was a little bit slow getting a hang of the way everything worked. However I have received some really great designs and I am really pleased with the Winning Logo. I would like to personally thank everyone who submitted their designs. Thank You I would also like to thank Massimo for his patience. Great job everyone :) Now my hard work begins Watch out for Aunty Millie;s Kitchen ;)

August 9th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Aunty Millies Kitchen(Review permalink)
, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.

Very well conducted competition. Good feedback from operators. Did great with our previous logo for Red Earth Energy Services and the company has taken off really well. Now they have done a great job with this competition. Good job ! Highly recommend !

August 6th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: SSF LLC(Review permalink)
, Andrews, Texas, USA

Overall Great platform for logo Great designers: makes you feel sad not to award more of them! Frangky was very responsive and supportive throughout all the context! Congrats to the winner

August 6th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Phootprint(Review permalink)
, singapore
P3 Working Group - Eno Center for Transportation

This was so easy and with the number of entries I received, I was shocked. The quality of work, the variety, the designers willing to work with you... this was an amazing experience and I will definitely tell others to check this website out. There is no way I could have done the quality of work I received from the designers. We got exactly what we wanted and needed.

, Washington, DC
NextGen Working Group - Eno Center for Transportation

I wasn't exactly sure what I had gotten myself into but I knew the price was right. When the entries poured in I was shocked... and thrilled. We got exactly what we were looking for with the logo and couldn't be happier.

, Washington, DC
life is shorts...

Great experience on Logo Arena. We got exactly what we were looking for. We would highly recommend for anyone or any business looking to get a professionally-designed logo. Tip for new users - go to the Logo Designers heading on the main page and invite specific designers to your contest. This works wonders, especially if your contest starts off a bit sluggish.

August 4th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: life is shorts...(Review permalink)
, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Harvan Design

I was a little skeptical signing up for this service but all that disappeared in the first few hours as the logos started rolling in. To have so much creativity from all over the world made the job of choosing a winner extremely hard. Each of the logo designers responded quickly to my requests for tweaks and were very helpful throughout the whole process. I couldn't be happier with the outcome & can't speak highly enough of the value & service of Logo Arena. Will definitely use again.

August 3rd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Harvan Design(Review permalink)
, Melbourne, Australia
The American Tailgate Co.

What a great experience this was. I enjoyed seeing the various logo ideas submitted during the contest. It was a great way to give my new company an identity. All of the designers were very attentive to my requests. The quality of the designers is top notch and I ended up with many great choices. It's too bad that only one designer can win because they were all great. I highly suggest leaving tips for your second and third place finishers because once you see the time and hard work that they put in, you will wish you had rewarded them.

August 1st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: The American Tailgate Co.(Review permalink)
, Rocklin, California
Cloud Systems

Thank you to all the designers who took part in our contest. We are very impressed with the outcome. Thank you so much for the logo. Very elegant and professional. I highly recommend LogoArena.com

July 31st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Cloud Systems(Review permalink)
, Riyadh
Skin Frenzy

Worked with me on several variations to meet my needs and did so in an extremely TIMELY manner. A+++++ for effort! Excellent to work with!

July 30th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Skin Frenzy(Review permalink)
Women Entrepreneurs Club

The designers for this contest were very creative and accommodating to my requests for changes. It was great to have so many designs to choose from!

July 26th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Women Entrepreneurs Club(Review permalink)
, LA, CA