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I've used most every crowd sourcing design site on the web, and Logo Arena is by far the best. The designers are great, super responsive, and the website is very user friendly. And they take AMEX.

November 7th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Loki(Review permalink)
, Atlanta
Arcadia Homes

This is such a great service! The logo designs we received were so varied and original. It was very easy to communicate with the designers and request changes throughout the contest. So many of the designs included concepts that we couldn't have imagined ourselves. We are thrilled to have such a unique design! The only suggestion I would have is that the category of "not interesting" be changed to something more positive, like "not quite what we are looking for". We did feel a bit guilty assigning designs to this category because we really appreciated all the work each designer put in to the logo. But, as we received more and more entries the unranked category became overwhelming and we were forced to mark many designs as "not interesting" to limit our options. Thanks again for this service, we would definitely use it again.

November 7th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Arcadia Homes(Review permalink)
, Saskatchewan, Canada
NeoSyn Bartending Academy

NeoSyn Bartending Academy is very pleased with our new logo. We needed to re-brand in short order and logoarena is the bomb!! It was a hard choice!

November 5th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: NeoSyn Bartending Academy(Review permalink)
, Tempe AZ
Time Trial Cycle

The process of using LogoArena was wonderful. We appreciate the prompt response from our designer that created our logo! If we ever need a logo again or anyone we know needs one, we will be recommending LogoArena! Thank you so much for the experience!!

October 31st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Time Trial Cycle(Review permalink)
, Naples FL
Countryside Realty & Development Inc.

Great logo and a great experience - when it got down to the final 3 it was difficult to pick winner! thanks

, Chicago IL
Revive Restorations

We were very happy with Logo Arena. We had over 200 options to choose from and were able to interact well with the designers. We had multiple quality logos to choose from and it was hard to make a final decision.

October 22nd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Revive Restorations(Review permalink)
, NC
Ace Claims Adjusters

very accommodating designer and quick responding to messages. Im happy with the outcome

October 15th, 2013- Score: 4/5- Contest: Ace Claims Adjusters(Review permalink)
, Miami Florida

Harry (the contest winner) did a great job and delivered all the final files within minutes.

October 13th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: MrGulv(Review permalink)
Starcom GPS Global Solutions

This is an awesome logo. Didn't know that such web based competitions even existed. What a great job!

October 11th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Starcom GPS Global Solutions(Review permalink)
, Germany
Lakewood Set Pistols

This website was great! We needed a good logo quickly but didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money. The designers that responded were talented and gave us a number of options to choose from. Our winning designer was responsive in sending us revisions we requested during the contest period and achieved exactly what we wanted.

October 9th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Lakewood Set Pistols(Review permalink)
, United States
The Jones Library, Inc.

I can't thank LogoArena enough for this service! The artists were extremely professional and talented. Each one of them worked with me on several different versions of all their different ideas. I still can't believe how many options I had to choose from! I HIGHLY recommend LogoArena!

October 4th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: The Jones Library, Inc.(Review permalink)
, Amherst, Massachusetts

Simple wonderful!! Congratulation, thanks

September 21st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Filò(Review permalink)
, Italy, Sardinia, Cagliari
Chambre de Commerce de Labelle

Our board members are very please with the outcome. I should also say that it was a real pleasure to work with Lee. Awesome responsiveness and very thoughtful in the creation of his design.

September 20th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Chambre de Commerce de Labelle(Review permalink)
, Labelle, Canada
The Paint Tech

Great website ,just wish we'd found it sooner before wasting time and money down other avenues. It was a little bit slow to start but eventually the designs started to roll in. We found all the designers easy to work with and willing to make changes. We are very happy with the design we did choose by LDSgfx and cant wait to start using it , we will definitely be recommending this site to others.

September 11th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: The Paint Tech(Review permalink)
, Australia
Maui Island Realty

I discovered this website by accident, I didn't realize that there was a public forum of logo designers around the world that will submit logos that meet your criteria. I spent a small fortune with an IT Guy trying to define my company and at the end of the day we still didn't have a logo. I was skeptical about turning over my credit card in fear that I would not be satisfied with the results...I am thrilled with the outcome of the contest. I had a difficult time deciding on which logo and I struggled to make the right decision. I recruited the help of family and friends and the decision was made by popular vote. Thank you logoarena.

September 6th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Maui Island Realty(Review permalink)
, Maui, Hawaii
Cocktail Hour

The designer was able to adapt to our ideas but still implement his own ideas. The logo totally suit our taste and Creativiti has indeed made an effort to satisfy our every question and modification. The logo is a success and we recommend this designer for future logo designs. All of the best, Cocktail Hour

September 3rd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Cocktail Hour(Review permalink)
, Denmark
Radius Enterprises, Inc

It's a wonderful idea. The only problem is that I was not able to send contestant a small image (scatch) to clerify what I am looking for. But anyway, I liked it very much and happy with result. Thank you.

September 3rd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Radius Enterprises, Inc(Review permalink)
, Philadelphia, USA
Fineon, Inc

The Logo is unique. Underfifty did a good job.

September 2nd, 2013- Score: 4/5- Contest: Fineon, Inc(Review permalink)
, Toronto, Canada
The Factory

Excellent job by BOYINGDESIGN... Worked well with me for the entire process until I got exactly what I wanted.

September 2nd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: The Factory(Review permalink)
, Jamaica
Eco Building

Superb communication with all the designers and so many good propositions. Very happy about this contest! Special thanks to the winner Immo0 for this so nice logo

August 28th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Eco Building(Review permalink)
, Belgium