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Lebron Financial Services Inc.

Thank you Logo Arena and the designers that participated in my contest. I am very satisfied with the number of entries, the creativity of the designers, and the responsiveness to make changes. I would recommend this service to every organization as a way to establish and or update their image.

February 27th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Lebron Financial Services Inc.(Review permalink)
, 1521 Concord Pike, Suite 301, Wilmington, DE 1983
J Ryan Imaging

I'm extremely happy with all of the design submissions, but this one in particular hit home for me. The designer completely tuned into my concept, and truly 'gets it'. I couldn't be happier, I can't wait to start using the logo! Thanks Ian, and Thanks LogoArena!

February 26th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: J Ryan Imaging(Review permalink)
, Gahanna, Ohio
CrazyT Boer Goats

What a great way to find a logo for our business!! I will highly recommend this site to anyone that's looking for a new logo. Contact with the designers was flawless, and they responded to all my requests. They all did a great job, and it was too bad that I could only pick one design.

February 24th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: CrazyT Boer Goats(Review permalink)
, Minnesota
Stone Store

Best Designer ++++++++++++++++++++++++++1

February 24th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Stone Store(Review permalink)
, Kuwait
Plasma Wave Integrated Solar Co

What an amazing service. So many talented designers participated. The winning entry is fantastic.

, Phoenix, AZ USA
Unified Technology Solutions

Nothing short of amazing and professional service! The massive people power this site leverages for logo ideas and design is simply incredible.

February 21st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Unified Technology Solutions(Review permalink)
, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
National Dent Works

The process was simple and the level of expertise from the designers was incredible. Every designer made changes quickly when requested to and made the process so easy. The only downside, and it was minor, was it seemed the majority of the designers waited to submit so they could take advantage of the few early entries who actually worked harder developing a concept and color scheme so they knew what direction the owner was wanting to go in. All in all the final result was well worth the minimal price compared to a traditional marketing and design agency.

February 21st, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: National Dent Works(Review permalink)
, Raleigh,NC USA
KTS Photography Inc

This was a truly fun and creative experience. The quality of logos we received was incredible. The designers were more than accommodating with our requests to change small things about the logo. I will recommend LogoArena to anyone needing a logo for any reason. Thank you!

February 20th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: KTS Photography Inc(Review permalink)
, California
Jersey Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

This is a great service. Easy to use and you get a bunch of different ideas from good sorces.

, New Jersey
Peace Horse Ranch

A very exciting process to come up with our new logo! Aneta is an awesome designer and was very easy to work with throughout the entire process.

February 16th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Peace Horse Ranch(Review permalink)
, United States
Knadler's Lawn & Landscsping, LLC

This designer has gone above and beyond, fantastic designer and a job well done! Your hard work will be a symbol of our company for years to come. Thank you from all of us!

, Northeast, Pennsylvania

This is one the best web based experience that I have used for a very long time. I want to thank all the designers who have put theri time and effort to satisfy my design requirements. I am at a loss of words. Highly recommended to anyone seeking for a SOLUTION.. one of the best solution providers i have ever come across...

February 13th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Audioavm.com(Review permalink)
, Istanbul,Turkey

perfect combination of our swiss based company purpose: - mobility, connectivity, communication, networking - our hardware are bicycles and our software is remote controlled - the company is based in switzerland, the owners are from taiwan, usa, germany and switzerland this logo represents all aspects - bicycle chain link arranged as the cross in the swiss flag (white cross on red ground) - button (app) design - 3D thank you for visualizing our ideas

February 13th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: FTW.ch(Review permalink)
, switzerland

Great Job Designer! You have won the season Finale! We love how you took a fresh and modern look at the solar panel design. It really looks expensive and I think any company would want to wear that!

February 12th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Picasolar(Review permalink)
, The World
Peace. Love. Wax.

Love my logo! It's simple, fun and exactly what I was looking for. Osgraphic was a pleasure to work with - there's a reason he's one of the top designers on here! I hope to work with him again in the future!

February 7th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Peace. Love. Wax.(Review permalink)
, Plano, Texas
Safe Box Storage

This was a great process of working with talented designers. I appreciate the input from each designer who participated!

February 7th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Safe Box Storage(Review permalink)
Kim's Fit Club

Creativiti has won first place for two of my logo contests!! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for innovative ideas coupled with extreme talent. I think he's amazing and all of his designs completely blew away the competition. I'm extremely happy with the finished product!!!

February 5th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Kim's Fit Club(Review permalink)
, FL

Kloud, did a fantastic job submitting changes and improvements after all my requests. They did a great job and the quality of my logo is very nice. I am very happy with my experience with LogoArena and Kloud. Thank you!

February 4th, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: PeerPoint(Review permalink)
Henry McGrew

Logo Arena is a great platform for connecting businesses with a massive pool of talented graphic artists from around the world. This experience has been rewarding and I would use it again.

February 2nd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: Henry McGrew(Review permalink)
, California
New Life Baptist Church

This is the second logo in a month! I can't stop myself!

February 2nd, 2013- Score: 5/5- Contest: New Life Baptist Church(Review permalink)
, Riverside, California