Frequently Asked Questions

Contests F.A.Q.

In the spirit of being fair to our clients, as well as our participating designers, we have come up with a refund policy for each of the following packages:

BASIC $299

If you receive less than 35 design entries:
100% refund

If you receive 35 or more design entries:
50% refund

In either case, you are entitled to a free extension on your contest if you are not satisfied with any design.


If you receive less than 50 design entries:
100% refund

If you receive 50 or more design entries:
60% refund

In either case, you are entitled to a free extension on your contest if you are not satisfied with any design.

PRO $549

If you receive less than 75 design entries:
100% refund

If you receive 75 or more design entries:
70% refund

In either case, you are entitled to a free extension on your contest if you are not satisfied with any design.

When you seek a partial refund after receiving higher than listed number of entries above, 50% of the non-refundable portion will be contributed to the best designer in your contest.

Please keep in mind that if you seek a refund, you will not have rights to any concept and the respective designers will retain their copyrights.

We believe our refund policy is very reasonable as you will have dozens of designers working on your project that will provide you with many options with unlimited number of revisions. This is why our satisfaction rate has historically been at least 98.8%! Our process is completely transparent and you can browse our current contests to see the results that are happening right now.

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Yes, during the contest, you can provide feedback to the designers and ask them to submit revisions or different variations of any submitted logo. During the judging stage however, only the top ranked designer will be able to submit revisions. If you want to see revisions by more than one designer during the judging stage, you can rotate the top ranks to accept the revisions from different designers. Once you have selected a final design and approved the logo files, the transaction at Logo Arena will be completed and you will receive the winning designer's contact information. After that, it will be between you and the winning designer to work out further revisions if needed later in the future.

Yes, you can invite friends and collaborators. You will find a special link in your contest main page once it's launched.

You will receive various formats of your logo files. EPS vector file is the industry standard which you can open in programs like adobe illustrator or Corel Draw. You will also receive other formats of your logo file such as JPG in different variations (black and white, solid color and high resolution color) and PNG. Please note that designers are responsible for submitting only EPS and JPG. If you require any other formats, please make a specific request when writing your design brief at start.

Yes, once the winner has been selected and the final logo files have been approved, you will receive a legal ownership transfer from the winning designer. All the non-winning designs will remain copyrighted by their respective designers.

You just have to post a comment in the "Contest Discussion" box which will be read by all the participating designers. Please note that all the designers already receive an email when a new contest is launched.

The number of entries in a contest depends on many variables, i.e. the prize amount, tips, your interaction with the designers, the complexity of your logo requirement and the time remaining in the contest.

It happens to be so that the higher the contest prize is, the more participation a contest will attract. Clients also receive the option of offering tips for the 2nd and 3rd placed designers which also motivates designers to continue participating. Your interaction with the designers is an important determinant for receiving high amount of entries. You can expect to receive more entries if you consistently rank designs and provide feedbacks. Also, please note that most of the entries you will receive will be in the last few days before the contest ends.

If you are not satisfied with the entries you have received during the contest, then you may extend the contest for 3 additional days without any extra cost. This option is available in your control panel during the latest 24 hours of the contest. If you need to extend your contest for more than 3 days (up to 7), please contact us and we will extend it for you.

Marketplace F.A.Q.

Designers are able to set their own prices. You will find prices ranging anywhere from $250 to $1000. The diverse community of our designers from each part of the world, the complexity of logo designs and the demand of a particular logo, all influence the logo prices.

Logo Arena will take 20% fee of the logo price if a transaction is taking place in the marketplace section. PayPal also charges a transaction fee, which will be shared as well (normally $1 to $10, depending on the price). We believe it is a fair amount for facilitating a user-friendly portal for our clients to search and find a logo of their desire. By giving designers the flexibility of setting their own prices, we believe it will be an effective partnership.

The copyrights of a logo always belong to the rightful designer, until the logo is successfully sold to a client. Designers may withdraw logos from the marketplace anytime they wish. Once a logo is sold, there is no refund and the client will continue to reserve the right to the purchased design. Designers may not produce the design after it is sold in the marketplace.

The customers will be able to "Reserve" a logo for 24 hours if they require some time to complete the order. If the customer does not pay within 24 hours, the logo will reappear in the marketplace.

During the transaction, clients will be able to provide instructions to the designers. Naturally, clients will want small changes to the logo design, such as font, color, business name etc. Designers must agree to make these changes. If there are big changes that would have the designers re-design the whole logo, then designers may decline the request.

Once a transaction has been completed and the final logo files have been transferred over to the client, then we cannot provide a refund.

Note: if for a chance the designer do not provide the final file of the logo, of course we will refund the payment.

Please note that we do provide a different refund policy for the contests (please read on top of this page).

If you can't find your answer, please contact us.