The meaning of colors in branding and logo design

Importance and Meaning of Colors in Logo Design and Branding

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Importance and Meaning of Colors in Logo Design and Branding

When it comes to your brand logo design, the selection of colors can make or break the game. Statistics reveal that a well-curated logo has the potential to increase brand recognition by 80%.

On the other hand, 60% of consumers avoid a brand with an odd, unappealing, or ugly logo. This necessitates you to pay special attention to the types and meaning of colors in logo design to make a visually captivating logo.

To help you in this regard, we are going to discuss the meaning of colors in logo design and their importance in branding. So, let's begin!

Meaning of Colors in Logo Design

Here are the different types and meanings of colors in logo design:


Red is often associated with emotions like anger, excitement, love, energy, and passion. It's a great choice for a logo if you want to create a loud, playful, and youthful image of your brand.

The most unique thing about red is that this color is easily noticeable, making it effective for grabbing attention and stimulating a sense of urgency. Top brands like Coca-Cola and Netflix use red colors in their logo to give an impression of energy and excitement.


Blue is the most used logo color, with 43% of Fortune 500 companies having blue in their logos. Blue colors in the logo design symbolize calmness, intelligence, and trust. If you want to make your brand look reliable, blue is the color to go with.

It's typically used by healthcare providers, insurance, and technology companies to make a respectable and trustworthy image in the minds of consumers. Facebook, Intel, and IBM are some companies that use blue in their logos.


The next color on our list is orange, representing warmth, enthusiasm, and adventure. It's a great logo design color if you want to evoke feelings of cheerfulness and make your business look approachable.

For instance, travel companies can use this color in their logos to attract adventurous souls who love to engage in fun activities. Other than that, beverage and technology businesses can also use orange to stand out. Some popular brands using orange in their logo include Fanta and Nickelodeon, which convey a playful and energetic image.

Tip: Avoid using bright orange color as it can be a little harsh for the eye. Instead, opt for a peachy tone that radiates warmth while building a strong brand identity.


Yellow conveys feelings of optimism, happiness, and creativity. It's best suited for you if you want to position your brand as a friendly and happy place. Just a little splash of yellow on anything dull or dark can instantly uplift the mood and add a vibrant touch, like the first ray of sunshine.

Yellow color is typically present in food brand logos like McDonald's, Lay's, and Lipton to create a refreshing vibe. Besides, MailChimp recently incorporated yellow in its logo to make its platform look friendly for users.


Green, the color of nature, is associated with health, growth, and harmony. It's a restful color and makes one feel fresh, along with relaxing the mind. If you work in a sustainable business niche, you should definitely incorporate green in your logo design to show your commitment to bringing positive change to the environment.

For instance, you can use a green logo if you are running a vegetarian food brand or selling eco-friendly products. Starbucks and Whole Foods use green in their logos to showcase their focus on using natural products.


Pink has long been considered a girlish or feminine color, but it's more than that. This color is a mix of different feelings like romance, playfulness, and sweetness, making it a good choice for your brand logo.

The color is also noted for its calming effect, and if you have a delightful brand message to convey, it looks best in pink. Typically, you'll see pink used by baby brands, dessert businesses, and toy factories. Common examples include Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin' Donuts, LG Corporation, and Taco Bell.


One color with so many meanings, purple is known for mystery, honor, creativity, wisdom, luxury, leadership, and even sentimentality. Cosmetic companies and high-end retail stores mostly use purple in their logo design.

So, if you work in a similar niche, you can add purple to your logo design to give off a luxurious and sophisticated vibe. Take inspiration from logos like Urban Decay and elevate your brand message.


Black is also one of the most popular logo colors, and it radiates elegance, power, and mystery. Even 25% of Fortune companies use black in their logo to elicit feelings of power and elegance.

Despite your business niche, you can use black in your logo to make it more memorable for the audience. Some top companies that use black in their logos are Tiffany & Co., Chanel, Apple, and many more.


The meaning of the grey color in the logo design is purity, simplicity, and innocence. It's renowned for its timeless and unbiased look. However, you can also use grey as a backdrop of bold colors, such as those used by popular companies like Apple, Rolls-Royce, and Lexus.

Importance of Colors in Logo Design

If you are wondering, “How important is color in logo design?” the following points are a great help:

  • Evoke Emotions: Colors have the power to awaken emotions and build strong associations with your brand. By choosing the right colors for your brand logo, you can elicit feelings like trust, happiness, or excitement.
  • Convey Your Brand Value: The types of colors you choose for your logo also convey your brand's value proposition to end customers. For instance, if you use green in your logo, most customers will perceive your brand as eco-conscious.


To position your business as a leading brand in the industry, you should carefully understand the meaning of colors in logo design and choose wisely. However, if designing a logo seems like a lot of work, you should organize a logo design contest at LogoArena. We have over 750 logo designers who perfectly understand color psychology and come up with aesthetically appealing and timeless logos.

Get in touch with us today to make your logo a powerful representation of your brand's value!

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