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Client Prize Entries Status Ends asc
Private Logo Contest private contest
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$ 249.0040
14 hours 24 mins
US Wicked Whipz n Chicks 
High end, luxury automotive sales and service.
$ 249.0019
17 hours 22 mins
DE Magic Motion  
We are a familybusiness which produces high quality sexmachines named "magic motion" for...
$ 349.0059
17 hours 45 mins
CH Meier Warenhandel 
Slogan: here you buy favorable briefly described their shop: Selling all kinds of goods...
$ 349.0061
1 day 20 hours
Private Logo Contest private contest 
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$ 249.0036
2 days 5 hours
IE Salesforce Consulting  
Software development and consultancy company specialising in the Salesforce cloud...
$ 349.0051
2 days 13 hours
DE FLG Zeitarbeit 
Temporary employment Company, based in Germany and delivering Services in Germany. Focus...
$ 249.0021
2 days 15 hours
DE Renata Cardoso 
We are a brazilian cosmetic studio and produce our own line of natural cosmetic...
$ 349.0051
2 days 16 hours
US Apple Academic Press 
Apple Academic Press offers academic researchers, scientists, university faculty, and...
$ 349.00169
2 days 17 hours
US Southern 51 Designs  
This logo is for a business that makes custom and pre-made car/truck decals, clothing,...
$ 249.0011
3 days 3 hours
Private Logo Contest private contest 
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$ 349.0042
3 days 7 hours
US O'Toole Atwell, PC  
Business and commercial litigation law firm.
$ 249.0013
3 days 15 hours
Private Logo Contest private contest 
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$ 499.0035
3 days 19 hours
US Alyos 
we are young and very dynamic company which sale and develop dental implants and...
$ 249.0037
3 days 22 hours
Private Logo Contest private contest 
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$ 249.0085
3 days 23 hours
DE Three Wise Monkeys 
Persönlichkeitsentwicklungsblog zu den Themen Glück, Zufriedenheit, Motivation und...
$ 249.003
4 days 7 hours
IT GuestWiz 
GuestWiz è un software web che consente al manager di un hotel di fare un sondaggio...
$ 349.0010
4 days 12 hours
Private Logo Contest private contest
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$ 499.0045
4 days 12 hours
US The Law Offices of James R. Neal PLLC 
Law firm - provides legal advice and representation
$ 349.0032
5 days 18 hours
US Wellness Institute of Texas 
Exceptional patient-centered wellness clinic offering weight loss, aesthetics, and...
$ 349.0015
6 days 3 hours
DE Guggenmusik Gassahuber Herrenberg e.V. 
Wir sind eine Guggenmusik aus dem süddeutschen Raum und sind während der Fasnet im...
$ 249.000
1 week 1 day
SK Thai Shopping 
Required logo will be used on the web portal. Portal will offer dedicated to the sale...
$ 349.005
1 week 2 days
DE Dirk Baumbach 
Fotografie für Unternehmen. Architektur, Business und Corperate.
$ 249.000
1 week 2 days
DE Zweirad Hölzgen 
motorcyle dealer , motorcyle garage, bike shop,motorcyle Mechanik , Superbike, Enduro...
$ 249.0059
DE ProTeam Autotechnik 
Our company is a automobile repair garage, who is spezialized for services in luxury cars...
$ 249.0040
Nightclub & Gastro Pub/Restaurant Hipster Contemporary
$ 249.0068
US KHI Medical 
KHI Medical is a subsidiary company of KHI Construction that specializes in...
$ 249.0089
US Total Drilling Supplies Inc 
"Source & supply of equipment", in a nut shell to the Oil & Gas Industries...
$ 349.00100
CH flink 
flink provides an universal interface for using a FPGA as I/O extension for a CPU....
$ 349.00122
CH deep 
deep is an open source cross development platform for the Java programming language....
$ 349.00119
AU Media Junction 
Full service advertising agency, specialising in media placement and production...
$ 349.00125
US National Broker Connect Real Estate 
connecting buyers and sellers of real estate to professionals
$ 499.00148
Private Logo Contest private contest 
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$ 499.00120
IT Colpo di Cena 
Colpo di Cena è una promessa di servizio: la possibilità di creare un menù in tempi...
$ 249.0062
AE The Emporium  
Note: The Slogan is just an idea. It can be changed and suggestions will be highly...
$ 349.00173
CH Sunshine Radio 
Sunshine Radio ist das erste Privatradio der Zentralschweiz. Es richtet sich auf junge,...
$ 499.00159
US ARenu 
We are an animation studio specializing in augmented reality
$ 249.0051
US Broadside Camo 
We are a camo company designed for hunters (archery) in warmer climates with our...
$ 300.0039
US Broadside Camo 
We make ultra light weight camoflauge with true imagery. We have designed an...
$ 249.0036
CH Garage Brüniger 
Car Store, Autogarage, KFZ Gewerbe, Car Dealer,
$ 349.0033
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