How to select your winning logo design in LogoArena logo design contest

Picking Your Winning Logo

LogoArena Team

LogoArena Team

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Which Logo is Best?

It depends. You may have heard it said that the McDonald’s Restaurant logo is not particularly remarkable except when it’s enlarged, lifted, and displayed as the golden arches, making it visible and identifiable from the surrounding environment. Certainly the logo fits the character and goals of the restaurant, but displayed as arches the logo is an extraordinary success. Although the logo worked well for the McDonald’s chain this would not have been the case for every restaurant using the name McDonald’s. A restaurant serving a more elegant fare that did not want to stand out so conspicuously, and that would not benefit from the arches, could doubtless find a more suitable logo to better identify their particular qualities.

What Does a Logo Do?

A logo identifies something such as a business, but it also immediately relates other information. If you are a business owner, be certain that the other information is in keeping with your particular business. A giant M resembling two bent french fries does not bring to the minds of most modern Americans the image of a classy restaurant. Carefully select the information you want your logo to convey, then be sure to select the logo that does this best.

Objectivity Takes Work

If you’ve been working with logo designers during a contest eventually the time arrives when you must choose a winner. The choice will be easier for you if you provided them with a clear idea of what the logo will represent as well as with any plans you have for displaying or using it. Take time to review your goals in light of your design options before making a final decision. Always keep in mind that you want to avoid selecting a logo that you personally find appealing while bypassing one that better fills the functions you want the logo to serve. Consider asking other people for their opinions and be ready with all the information they need to make a quick and helpful appraisal.

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