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Vape Lab

Excellent service, Very easy and accessible to use, the graphic designers were all professional and beyond helpful. I am really happy with my final logo! Would highly recommend.

October 18th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Vape Lab(Review permalink)
, North London
Robbo's Bakery

Easy and helpful . Would use again. Thanks

October 13th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Robbo's Bakery(Review permalink)
, Australia
Firehouse Fencing, LLC

The designer pretty much hit it out of the park on the first design that was made. This is the final design and I could not be happier! Thank You!!

October 12th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Firehouse Fencing, LLC(Review permalink)
Unchained International

On behalf of our new exciting new venture and my family, I again thank everyone who submitted a design. They were all wonderful, creative and inspiring!! It was difficult to choose just one!! This was a fun, rewarding experience and we have already directed others to this site for their own contest! Wishing you all great success!

October 11th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Unchained International(Review permalink)
, Florida
FG Solutions

WE received 77 entries over a period of 5 days. The standard of the submissions was fantastic (way better than we had hoped for). Thanks to ALL the designers, GREAT work!!

October 3rd, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: FG Solutions(Review permalink)
, Akron, Ohio

excellent service!

October 3rd, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: 247docs(Review permalink)
, New Jersey. USA
Galactic Vapors

Excellent service. There were many design entries and I was flooded with artistic talent. Definitely recommending this service to others and will use again. Thanks.

September 23rd, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Galactic Vapors(Review permalink)
Epoch Social

We believe this logo is clean, vibrant, and communicates the precise values we want to encapsulate our brand. Couldn't be happier!

September 22nd, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Epoch Social(Review permalink)
, Canada

It was great using Logoarena, lots of great designs.

September 16th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: SAND4U(Review permalink)
Legacy Development Pte Ltd

Great work done!!!

September 2nd, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Legacy Development Pte Ltd(Review permalink)
, Singapore
Collin Concierge

I am very pleased with the outcome of my contest and the logo I chose. The process was a lot of fun for my family and me. We changed our minds several times as new entries arrived or when the artist made requested changes. I highly recommend logoarena.com!

August 28th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Collin Concierge(Review permalink)
, McKinney, Texas, USA

Absolutely amazing! Very flexible to work with, near immediate turn around on revision requests. Would definitely deal with again and highly recommend!

August 27th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: collab.ninja(Review permalink)
, Columbus, Ohio USA
Close to Paradise Assisted Living

Very professional!! Very simple process!!! Thank you!

, Springfield, USA
Lanewood Studio

What an exciting contest! We had so many great designs, but this one popped out of the screen for us. It's like the designer knew what we wanted by combining our favorite aspects of a logo. We really had no idea what we wanted in a logo, so bravo.

August 20th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Lanewood Studio(Review permalink)
, Los Angeles

Excellent designer and terrific to work with! Very patient through multiple revisions and very quick turnaround times. Highly recommend!!! Thank you for everything!

August 15th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: LifeBridge(Review permalink)
Come Back

It is always a wonderful experience to work with someone who gets your ideas and makes them a reality. Great to dialogue with. Thank you very much for your efforts. Excellent!

August 4th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Come Back(Review permalink)
Wheelock Law PC

Very professional look. The artist was quick to respond to our suggestions. We didn't get a chance to use the site properly, but logoarena is a great website.

August 1st, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Wheelock Law PC(Review permalink)

Just wanted to say thanks for everything and following up on all the changes

July 28th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Phat-Teez(Review permalink)

It's been awesome to run the contest on www.logoarena.com and we've been really very happy with the work done by all designers. Our winner has been particularly helpful and efficient in dealing with our comments and in providing his deliverables in all useful formats without us having to ask. From the platform we got our invoice and the attribution of rights on the logo immediately after approving the deliverables. Great experience overall.

July 28th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Doors&Fashion(Review permalink)
, Brussels, Belgium
Honest extracts

Very professional and detailed logo will def reuse

July 14th, 2014- Score: 5/5- Contest: Honest extracts(Review permalink)