Copyright issues

Designer's Entries

  • Designers have rights to their logos. They can withdraw their designs from contests at anytime unless they have won a contest and been paid for their design.
  • Copyright ownership is only transferred to the contest owner after payment is received by the designer.
  • Designers are responsible for making sure their entries are free of plagiarism. Designers are not allowed to use CLIPART even after owning a user license. Designers are not allowed to trace images either unless they own copyrights to the image that is being traced.
  • If a contest owner has mentioned a concept or idea for his/her logo in the contest brief then it may be utilized by all designers. It is against acceptable code of conduct for a contest owner to update their questionnaire based on an individual designer's concept.
  • Obvious concepts are fair game for all designers, such as a shopping cart for an e-commerce website or a tooth for a dentist logo.

Suspected Copyright Infringement

If you suspect that your design was used by any other designer without your permission, please try to resolve the issue directly with that designer (through private messages). To prevent misconduct, designers or contest owners may initiate dispute resolution procedures by filling out a complaint form.

Please expect a call within 1-2 Business days until we investigate your complaint.

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