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Logo Arena Team

Logo Arena is the brain-child of Usman Malik. The project soon became a partnership with Massimo Perini.

The concept for Logo Arena originated from another auction based e-commerce website owned by Usman Malik. Usman heads up business research and development including sales and marketing, meanwhile Massimo manages the technical areas of the business. Below the spearhead, our professional and experience staff ensure our projects operate as ethically and professionally as possible.


Usman Malik

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Usman is a Toronto based Business Consultant specializing in Global Management and Marketing. He brings his education and past e-commerce experience to this project. Usman operates several web based businesses in the retail service industry sectors.


Massimo Perini

Co-Founder and Webmaster

Massimo is a very avid and talented web developer, Massimo is the chief technical architect behind Logo Arena among other projects he has worked on alongside his business partner Usman Malik. His academic credentials in both computer sciences and accounting are a wonderful asset.


Matthias Abele

System Administrator and Director Logo Arena Germany

Matthias is an ICT Pro with 15 years of experience on different platforms and systems. Knowlegde of programming and database languages combined with multiple native tongues makes him a perfect executive partner for the German business branch of Logo Arena.


Alex Michieli

Customer Care and Marketing Logo Arena Spain

Italian based in Palma de Mallorca (EspaƱa). He takes care of the Spanish speaking customers.


Adam Robaczewski

Customer Care and Marketing Logo Arena France

Adam takes care of the French speaking customers.

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