How Logo Arena works

Step 1: Fill out a logo questionnaire

Contest holders fill out a logo questionnaire and prepay the prize amount through PayPal or a credit card. The contest goes live as soon as the payment is completed. It is recommended that contest holders communicate as much information about their organizations as possible, the more designers know about your business, the better logo concepts you will receive.

Step 2: Entries and Feedback

Once the contest is live, designers will submit their logo concept until the contest ends. Contest holders will rank the logo entries and provide feedback as often as possible. Contest holder participation through ranking and feedback is essential for a successful contest. Daily feedback and ranking produces better quality and quantity of results.

Step 3: Winner Selection

Once the contest has ended, contest holders will get 7 days to select the winning designer. Once a winner has been selected, the winning designer will be notified by email, and will upload the final files. The contest holders then download the files and approve them. After the final files have been approved, the prize (less the 18% Logo Arena commission) will be sent immediately to the designer's PayPal address.

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