Premium Logos

What is the difference between a premium logo and a typical logo?

The first must have some creative elements that are relevant to your company's identity. Not only does it have an attractive design, it's usually simple yet bold and memorable. Having a good looking design is not enough to be classified in a "premium" logo. Let's take a look at few examples.

Consider this for example, it's a typical $50 design. Let's just say, it's not the best out there :)

a typical $50 design

The following doesn't really look that bad at all, but it doesn't have any creativity to it. You will forget this logo by the time you leave this website.

NOT SO BAD... but nothing special

Now let's check out few premium logos...

a premium logo

Picture speaks a thousand words. These logos fall in a category of "premium logo" that are simple but very creative and memorable. In order to get logos like these you must be able to attract top professional designers. In logo contest sites like this one, you will find designers who can create premium logos but there are no guarantees. The only way to attract best designers to compete in your contests is to increase the prize amount. The more money you pay the better quality and quantity of results you will receive.

The reason why most businesses do not have a premium logo is simple: most designers are not as creative. But there is a more fundamental problem: it's very hard to find best logo designers. Design industry is crowded with mediocre designers and when you have to pay upfront for most design deals, you may or may not like the results after you receive logo concepts but you end up resorting to those not so creative logos because your design budget is already invested in.

Use, pay only for the design you like best out of 50-200+ logo concepts submitted by top designers.

Good luck on your logo.

note: these logos were not developed in logoarena market place, they are only intended to show as examples to educate the readers