Logo with meaning

Logo design is an essential part of a brand. It is a symbol that your prospects recognize you by. Unless you have a good logo design, your logo will not be remembered. Highly creative logo designs usually become popular even in highly competitive markets. In order to have a lasting impression of your brand, you must have a logo with meaning that is not only beautiful in its design but is highly creative. Not only will it give your prospects good first impression, it's one of the variables that will help your brand popularity. Think about it, If you leave people talking about your logo design, wouldn't it speedup your brand recognition? How exactly do you get a logo that will leave people talking about it? Have a logo with meaning!

Examples of logo with meaning

Let us take a look at some of the logo examples which have hidden meaning, corporate meaning or representation of your brand values embedded in form of a graphic design.

a logo with meaning

This is a classic example of logo with meaning, checkout the yellow arrow, it's a smile to represent satisfaction you get from purchasing a product from amazon. Also, if you pay attention, the arrow starts from "a" and points to "z" in the word "amazon", this represent that amazon has all products from A to Z!

logo design

Another example of logo with meaning - At first look, you see the map of Africa but if you pay close attention, there are two faces, one of a child and the other is of a protective elderly figure. This logo is communicating that the organization is the hope for African children.

baskin robbins logo

This logo retains its simplicity by being a wordmark symbol but in the pink lines you can see the number "31". This is a very clever way of representing an important point of company's marketing campaign. Baskin Robbins serve its consumers with 31 ice cream flavour; logo with meaning!

families logo

These two companies might now be as popular as the examples before this but these logos were featured in readers digest and have been circulating around the web until now. You don't even have to read the "about us" pages of these organizations. We can tell what they are all about. This is what I mean when I say that having a logo with meaning will have people talking about your logo which will create publicity for your business.

The biggest issue is finding a logo designer who can design a creative logo for your company. Even if you do find a logo design who is creative might now not find creativity for your particular name and logo. At LogoArena, we help you with the "odds" of finding a creative logo design. Because you can host a logo contest at LogoArena, there will be dozens of logo designers competing to create a logo design that you love. You will get 50-200+ entries to choose your favourite logo from. We can't promise that you will find a logo which is as creative as the examples above; however, when dozens of designers are competition to create your logo, the odds would increase in your favour. Good luck in getting your own logo with deep meaning!