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Logo Arena is a crowd sourcing website. We have hundreds of logo designers from all around the world. We help clients who need a custom logo design launch logo contests, dozens of logo designers compete in a typical contest. This way, our clients get about 50-200+ logo images to choose their favourite logo from. There is a winning logo designer in every contest who wins the prize amount.

If you look at our portfolio, you will find a lot of designs that were contest winners. All of these logo images are custom made, meaning, there is no clipart used in these designs. We have a very strict policy against using images found in clipart databases. Our clients can be confident that their logo design is fully custom made to reflect their brand identity.

Clip art logo images - unethical practice

A lot of unprofessional logo designers and some design firms use the logo images found in clipart databases and sell them to clients. One thing to remember about these clip art is that they are not custom made and many other business use the same. If a client wasn't told about this then the design company or the freelance logo designer who uses clipart are at fault. If you need a logo design, you have to make sure that it's not a clip art logo image. You must trust the design company before you contract a logo project with them. At Logo Arena, our members can "red flag" the designs which were seen in a clipart database by providing us proof. If a member proofs that a logo designer has used a clipart, we delete that entry from the contest and strike a warning to the designer. If designer doesn't stop this practice, we suspend the designer from Logo Arena community.

Best logo images

You can browse our portfolio page to look for the top logos. You can filter the logo images by selecting top ranked designs or by selecting the industry. You should also browse our logo contests to see the results our clients have been receiving. In a given contest, best logo images will be ranked higher the clients. Clients can choose to disqualify a logo image if it the client is not interested in a logo image.

Start a contest at logo arena: get 50 to 200 entries to choose your perfect logo. Good Luck!