Logo Development - How it works at LogoArena.com vs. Traditional design firms

Logo Development at LogoArena.com

At LogoArena, logo development process is quite unique. We help our clients host a logo design contest. Our community has hundreds of professional designers who compete in these contests to create a logo design you love. During this process, our clients receive about 50 to 200+ logo concepts to choose from. You can provide feedback on each of these entries and request unlimited revisions. Logo Development process is fast and effective as you can use our user-friendly tools to rank dozens of designs within seconds. One-on-one discussions portals are connected with logo designers to request changes and communicate your design preferences. Not only does LogoArena provide the luxury of seeing the designs before choosing a final winner, it also provides variety to choose from which will increase the odds of satisfaction by 10 folds.

Logo Development in a traditional design firm

When you go to a traditional design firm, you will get only a handful of logo concepts to choose from. Logo development process in these traditional design companies has no more than one or two designers per project. Usually you have to pay upfront and after that you will get about 5-10 logo concepts in about a week. You would have to pick one concept even if you are not 100% satisfied with. The process starts on that one concept for which you will get limited number of revisions. At the end, you will have to resort for that one logo you might not even be fully satisfied with that takes weeks to develop.

Job of a logo designer

After a designer investigates and analyzes a design brief, the logo development process begins in phase 3. Reducing a complex idea to its visual form requires skills, focus and a lot of unending patience and discipline. Designers have to examine many ideas before focusing on a final choice. Even after a concept is finalized, testing it viability begins another stage of exploration. It is a huge responsibility for a designer to design something that will be reproduced hundreds and thousands of time. In some firms multiple designers work on a same idea while in other firms, like LogoArena.com, each designer develops a different idea. Different logo concepts are then discussed with the client. Each preliminary stage of a design triggers another area of exploration. It is difficult to create something that is simple, yet bold, memorable and technically appropriate. During a logo development process, both a client and a designer require unending patience.

At LogoArena.com, logo development process is faster than traditional design firms because you are discussing multiple design ideas with multiple designers at the same time. Every designer is working on your logo. After you shortlist top 10 designers, our community members, mostly who are not participating in a contest, will vote for the best design. This will assist you to select a logo because choosing a design itself can be confusing when you have a lot of good designs at hand.