Logo Design Studio

In this article, we will compare three different ways of getting a logo design for your company, logo design studios, freelance designers and logo competitions. After you compare and contrast different ways of getting a professional logo design, decide for yourself which model brings the best value.

Logo design studios are traditional design companies which are found in all range of sizes, from small to midsized firms that employ many designers. Hiring a logo design studio means working with a project manager who becomes the channel of communication with a logo design studio. Project manager will typically interview a client to understand the client's business model, corporate values and competitive identities. Project managers usually are qualified designers themselves with vast knowledge in the fields of design, and business communication. Project managers then will communicate the design needs with a team of designers that will execute initial design mock ups. Project manager will then work with client to finalize of a certain design client chooses and then work on its revisions.

Getting a logo design from a logo design studio is the traditional way of getting it and we think it is the best way too since client is working very closely with a team of designers who fully understand a client's business. The only negative aspect of hiring a logo design studio is that it can be expensive but it depends one logo design studio to another. Some logo design studios will be more expensive than others.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are individual logo designers who also will cost different price range but in this case only one designer will be working on your project. Sometime if there is a dispute between a client and a freelance designer, it might never get resolved which is unlike a logo design studio where if you have dispute with one employee, a reputable company will still provide you with a good customer service or at least try to. Therefore, freelancers are a little more biased since there is no third person to help resolve any dispute.

Finally, logo design contests are also a good way of getting a logo design for your company. This is one of the recent innovation which connects hundreds of freelance logo designers with clients who need logo design. The good thing about this method is that it's relatively cheaper because you are getting hundreds of logo designers to work on a project which cost almost the same amount as you would pay to a freelancer or a logo design studio but the confusing part is that you get hundreds of logo drafts to choose you company logo from. Sometimes it can be very hard to settle on one design. Other negative aspects are that it comes hard to communicate with dozens of designers at once.

All in all, these three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Given your personal preference on time and budget, you should decide which method is right for you. Here at Logo Arena, we host contests and have tried our best to make discussion forums as friendly as possible so you can manage you communicate with many designers.

Best of luck finding a great company logo.