Logo Concepts

Logo concept is not merely a design. It is a symbol to reflect your brand. Serious thought and consideration must be put into your logo design. Before starting the design process, you must consider how the logo will represent your organization. Also, think about the image or idea that will go in your logo concept beforehand. You should have answers to if your logo concept embodies traits that will be associated with your business.

A good logo concept is meaningful. It reflects corporate identity in a very unique way. It could be done using different styles or color themes that are relevant to your company's physical image. When designing a logo, following technical aspects must be paid close attention to. Your logo concept should be...

  1. Describable
  2. Memorable
  3. Effective without a color
  4. Scalable
  5. Relevant

First two, describable and memorable traits of a logo concept, are closely related because you must be able to describe a logo in order to remember it. Therefore, logo concepts should be simple so that your audience may easily be able to tell, without reading your business name, what is your business about.

Third point is very important; your logo concept must be effective without a color. It's because color is secondary to its shape and form. Colors should be left until the end of the design process. If your logo concept is not effective in black and white, no amount of colors will rescue it.

Your logo must also be scalable. You will have to print your logo concept multiple times in many sizes during your course of business, from billboards to business cards. Logo should not lose its essence after reducing the size to even smaller prints, i.e. on a pen. This is by far the most important point to be considered. A lot of businesses finalize a logo concept that has good graphical elements to them but they are not scalable and it hurts their branding later on.

Last but not least, your logo should have relevance with your business or corporate image. Professional logo designers do in depth research for the business and its industry to really understand the bottom line of its services and products. Your logo concept needs a soul, not merely an attractive graphic design.

When you are creating a logo design contest at logoarena.com, you must communicate as much as you can about your business so our professional logo designers understand your business identity. You will receive a lot of logo concepts from where you will have to choose the best logo. The best logo must have all the above traits. If you do not receive a logo that has all these traits then you should communicate your requirements in the discussion forum and extend your contest for another 5 days for no extra cost. It's important to have a perfect logo concept and LogoArena.com is here to help you achieve that. Good luck on your next best logo concept.