Legal and Attorney Logos

Logo design is a symbol that will identify your legal services from your competition. Just like how a name is needed to identify one's individuality from other humans, a logo help identify your unique brand from your competition. Legal logos should be simple and classic to achieve that goal because most legal logos are scalable and effective without colors.

Scalable logos will not lose the essence of its design if you compress it. Legal or attorney logos are mostly used on business cards and letter head. Some even print the legal or attorney logo design on pens and stamp. As your logo design gets smaller and smaller, it becomes harder for it to retain its effectiveness.

Legal or attorney logos are effective without colors. It means that if you remove the colors from your logo, it will still be recognizable or effective. For example, think about McDonald's logo. If you delete the yellow color from its M, it will still look recognizable and effective in grey color.

Style of legal logos

Most of the legal or attorney logos we have seen so far are pictorial, abstract, or letterform marks. Pictorial logos use a picture of well recognized image that can easily be associated with Attorneys. For example, a picture of a scale that represent justice, is the more stereotypical image used in a logo. It is ok to be using that, however, try to be unique about the design or scale that can be associated with your name.

Abstract mark uses a visual form to convey the attribute of a legal organization. The abstract mark however must be used with the company name unless it has gained enough significance in your prospect's mind share that they will recognize the shape of the abstract without reading the name. An example of a good abstract mark is Olympic rings; there is no need to write "Olympics" below the rings for us to recognize the significance of this mark.

Letterform mark should have attorney's initial or your company's acronym. A single letter is used in this type of legal logo that becomes the focal point for a brand mark. One of the examples of a good letter mark is YMCA's black and red "Y".

Colors of Legal and Attorney logos

As mentioned above, the legal or attorney logos should be very simple. Best way to attain simplicity is by not using more than one or two colors. Most professional legal or attorney logos we have seen so far have white color with black background, black color with white background or golden color of both backgrounds.

In conclusion, legal logos should be scalable and effective without color, simple and use letterform, abstract or pictorial mark in their logo design.

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legal logo design

An example of a Legal Logo from our portfolio