Case study: Facebook Logo

Branding is a very important part of any business. Most of the successful businesses have innovative ways of creating the "value" for its consumers. In those cases, doesn't really matter how the graphical aspect of branding is done, the innovative product or service define that brand, its name and logo become secondary. In other words, the innovative product or service replaces the need to have a top-of-the-line logo design or company name.

Look at facebook logo for instance. In eight years, facebook has not taken much effort to make any changes to the logo except for adding some shades and improved the overall resolution. It has maintained the same brand image which made it famous in the first place.

facebook logo

Facebook Logo (note: this logo was not developed in logoarena market place, it is only intended to show as example to educate the readers)

Shape of Facebook Logo:

The shape of the facebook logo is a simple rectangle occupying the name in a simple font.

Color of a Facebook logo:

The blue color in the rectangle and white color font makes it appealing.

Font of the logo:

The font of the facebook logo is lower case and has a 'youth' feel to it.

Other "normal" businesses, which make up majority of a state's economy, are usually the imitation of successful innovative businesses. When there are hundreds of businesses already selling what you want to sell, it becomes really important to have a more creative name and design so that it can be remembered. Facebook logo doesn't have to worry about people remembering their logo because it has already achieved the "brand" recognition.

Logo designers have a tough job because they have to understand a business and its corporate value, research the industry, its competition and then have to be creative about designing the graphical elements of a business advertising which not only have to look slick and feasible but must also absorbs the vision of a client.

Just remember, first impression is the last. You must grab your prospect attentions that are flooded with advertising by your competitors and other businesses. Remember to hire a talented logo designer who not only have the patience but also understand something about business communication.

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