This is where you will get your Dream Logo

Logo Arena is a market place where we connect hundreds of designers from all around the world to clients who need custom logo designs. Logo Arena is a market place where our clients get their dream logos by start contests. You can also start a logo design contest and get 50-200+ logo concepts to choose your dream logo from. The variety is so much, dozens of professional designers and hundreds of entries.

What are the factors you have to have in dream logos?

We are using the phrase "dream logo" to better define premium logos because these are the logos you will find 100% satisfaction with. In our books 100% satisfaction, which is quite rare in a logo design industry, defines a dream logo. Most of the times when clients receive only a handful of options to choose from through a traditional design firm, client are not 100% satisfied with the results because they only get 5-10 custom logo concepts to choose a favourite logo. At Logo Arena, you get hundreds of custom logo concepts to choose from. There is a high probability that you will find a logo which you will be 100% satisfied with.

Other factors include the design itself. Your logo must be effective without colors. Meaning, if you see your logo in black and white colors, it should not lose its power, it should remain as effective as it was with colors. It must also be scalable. You will print your logo in many different places, business cards, website, billboard and pens etc, in many sizes, therefore, your logo must not lose its quality and effectiveness when it's in small prints. Also, it must be describable without mentioning your company's name and should be memorable. If you have all these technical requirements and are 100% satisfied with it, you have found yourself a dream logo.

Try a contest at Logo Arena: find hundreds of logo concepts submitted by dozens of designers. We are not guaranteeing that you will find your dream logo here but we guarantee the increased odds of finding one. Good Luck!