Corporate Identity

A corporate identity is the "personality" of a corporation or a business organization which is designed to symbolize or facilitate the corporate values and business objectives. It is manifested in the way branding is done and by the use of its trademarks.

Corporate identity is observed when all stakeholders have a common organizational philosophy which is manifested in a common corporate culture and it helps organizations to answer questions like "who are we?" and "where are we going?" It allows consumers to have a sense of belonging with a group of people who are also consuming same corporate output.

In general, corporate identity is guided by the design of corporate manuals. It all starts with a corporate title and a logo. It is required to have consistent design and color throughout the media that is being utilized by an organization to give it an identity which is can easily be recognized and distinguished by the prospects.

Many companies such as "McDonald's" have their own corporate identity that run through all their products and merchandise. The trademark "M" in its logo and the red and yellow color are consistent throughout the packaging and advertisement. As stated before, use of consistent colors and the corporate logo establishes the visible aspect of the corporate identity that is easily "recognized" by the consumers. All the successful brands pay close attention to their design and packaging which represent their business values and corporate philosophy. Common examples are "CoCa-Cola" and "Pepsi". Again, we can see that their use of colors in packaging and advertisement are also consistent. Corporate identity is the personality of an organization which is represented by its design so it can easily be identified from its competition.

Corporate Image and Reputation

Corporate image is what people perceive the organization to be and reputation is the value judgement people make about the organization as a whole or one or more of its attributes. Corporate image results in by the corporate identity which is communicated in the form of its design, advertisement and its communication and the reputation evolves over time as a result of consistent performance.

Corporate identity is what the organizations try to develop by internal beliefs and values. Corporate image and reputation is what the public perceive the corporation to have. Branding fails when corporate identity is not consistent with what public perceive the organization to be which is away from what was intended by the organization.

The process of developing corporate identity starts with corporate values and culture which is translated into a logo which then become consistent with rest of the design corporations use in its packaging and advertising. Here at, we help client develop logo designs by the help of hundreds of logo designers from all around the world who compete to create a logo design you love.

It is important to communicate your corporate values, culture and rest of the relevant information about your organization in the logo brief so our designers understand where you coming from. Once our designers understand your corporate values, culture, competition and target audience then their design process starts which is reviewed by you. At, you will receive hundreds of logo draft submitted by dozens of logo designers. You will then select one logo which you like best then you can hire the same designer to design rest of your advertisement and packaging which will help you form your own corporate identity.