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Finding a professional logo designer who can design your dream logo can be a tough task. Some clients know exactly what they want in their logo design and others want to leave the creativity to a designer. In both cases, a client communicates his/her idea for a logo design in hopes of getting a best logo.

Before getting into a logo business myself, I searched for hundreds of local designers. I found one on whose portfolio had some really good designs. I was quite convinced. When I made a phone call to him, he stated that it will cost $450 to design my logo. I didn't care much about the money even though I had little budget because I wanted a best logo that can reflect my company's identity in a creative way. In other words, I had high expectations. The designer gave me a week and said he will design 10 mock ups for me in a week. After waiting a week, I drove to his logo design studio. What I saw was 7 (not even 10) mediocre designs that were not even anything close to a single logo from his portfolio. I got really frustrated and asked him to design some more but he refused because the contract stated that I would get 5-7 logo concepts to choose a best logo from. I had already paid $450 for the contract, nothing I could do now. I lost so much money on it but most importantly I lose a passion for that business because I couldn't get the best logo I wanted, I expected.

After this frustrating experience, I got involved in a logo design business and started Logo Arena with a partner to solve the problem of clients who are facing similar frustration as I did. At logo arena, you can start a logo contest where dozens of designers compete to make a logo design you love. You get 50-200 custom logo concepts to choose a best logo. As you can see how Logo Arena would solve a problem I was facing. You get dozens of designers to work on your logo project, which is far better than one designer, and get 50-200 concepts to choose a best logo, which is far better than 7 concepts, all of this from only $249. You cannot go wrong in starting a contest at Logo Arena for the price you pay. Good luck finding your own best logo.


Usman Malik

Marketing Director -

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