Accounting Logos - How To Draw A Crowd!

The key to designing the perfect accounting logo is catering to your market. The perfect accounting logo needs to capture the essence of the company and simultaneously maintain an air of professionalism and standard. As technology moves forward and spurs growth in all sectors of business, it is important to ensure your company's logo design is suitable for both print and web media.

The Right Look - Choosing the right font is essential!

Your company must be recognizable. To implant an idea in the mind of your consumers, accounting logos tend to be simpler in design and sophistication. Text is an essential part of the accounting logo design.

Examples of fonts commonly used in accounting / financial services logos are:

Calibri, Arial.

Drawing the Perfect Picture

Image association is often a very effective catalyst in drawing customers to your doorstep. Your logo designer must communicate to your key market an image that is unique to your company and easily associated with your line of business. For example, images of scales are often used in logos for law firms, a stethoscope or a red short cross is often associated with doctors, hospitals, and etcetera. Accounting logos should have pictorial or abstract mark.

The Best of Both Worlds

You may choose to do a little of both in your accounting logo. An effective marketing tactic is to stylize the first or any other significant letter or perhaps even a word in your logo.