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Welcome to Logo Arena's latest service of logo design creation. You will find this tool very useful if you have a creative mindset, have a well defined vision of your brand identity, and have a thrifty and do-it-yourself attitude; as you will be utilizing this tool to create your own logo online.

With this logo maker tool, you will get various icons that are potentially relevant to your business identity and many beautiful type face that you can modify to customize a unique logo design for your organization. It's a budgeted option that will cost only $99 compared to the more high-end Logo Arena service (logo contests) where you can employ professional logo designers to work on your design, starting at $249.

How our logo maker works

  • Click on a logo design to add it to the canvas.
  • You can add some text by using the button on the right panel.
  • Click on the objects on the canvas to make changes (you can stretch or rotate your logo, or you can change the fonts and colors of your text).
  • When you are done, click on "buy this logo" button to proceed.

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