Two-Factor Authentication to secure your account

Account security is a serious issue nowadays.

All the biggest websites like google, facebook or paypal have now an option to setup a two-factor authentication token and secure their user accounts.

We also decided to add a two-factor authentication (2fa) option. So far it’s available under all accounts and it will be available for all our localized sites very soon.

Setting up the 2fa is quite easy.

First of all, you need to install a 2fa app in your mobile phone or in your computer.

We can suggest a few apps for android:

for iPhone:

or windows 10:

Then, you must login into your Logo Arena account, and go to “My account”.

On the left you will find a new link to the “Two-Factor Auth.” page:


Follow the instructions and confirm by clicking on the green button.

Now your account is secured by a two-factor authentication!

From now on, each time you login your account must be verified with a token generated by the app you previously installed and configured.

The token code is a 6-char numeric string and changes every minute.

You can remove and re-configure the option at anytime from the same page in your account.

You can find more information about how the 2FA works in wikipedia:


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