From Noodles to Smartphones: A brief history of Samsung Logo

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From Noodles to Smartphones: A brief history of Samsung Logo

Did you know that the world leader in electronic industry Samsung began their operations by producing noodles first?

It may sound unbelievable if you consider what Samsung is now, but according to wikipedia, in 1938 Lee Byung-chull founded the company in Daegu city, Korea, and they produced their own noodles.

If you take a look at the Samsung’s first logo, you can see the “3 stars” which is the meaning for “samsung” word:

I can imagine how good this logo should have looked like in a noodles packet 🙂

Many years later, after the Korean war, Samsung moved to Seul and entered in the electronic industry. Check how their logo looked like in 1969:

The logo is very different from the noodles time, but the “3 stars” were still relevant.

The three stars symbol is something important for them. The word “three” represents a big and powerful thing and the “stars” mean eternity.

The stars were still included there in their next logo used from 1980:

The current logo was adopted in 1993:

The “stars” are gone, however the concept of eternity is still represented in the logo because the ellipse is the symbol of the universe.

Samsung is now the world’s largest information technology company with a $200 billion USD revenue in 2012. Not bad for a company that started selling noodles!

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