Logos Marketplace launched!

In the past years, our customers were able to obtain a logo design by hosting a logo contest, which is still our core service because it allows great flexibility of finalizing a design from dozens of options where you get to give your input during the designing process.

However, the growing demand for quicker turnaround led us to develop a new portal that allows instant sale of a logo. One can now find readymade logos by searching for relevant designs (e.g. “accounting logo”, “IT logo”, “Pets logo” etc.) which will appear in the search results.



One can then place the order for a design that best represent their company’s brand and provide modification instruction to the designer who will fine-tune the ready-made logo with company’s name and theme.

All the logos available in the market place are still custom designed (i.e. they are not clipart) and clients still get the full copyrights upon purchasing these logos. The only difference is that the transaction will be much quicker than hosting a contest. We will not be charging a premium for quick turnaround. In fact, designers themselves setup their logo prices with minimum price being $250.

The interested buyers will have the option for reserving a logo for 24 hours until the payment can be arranged. During this time, reserved logos will be taken off from the market place, but if the payment cannot be arranged within the 24 hours, then it will reappear in the market place for anyone to purchase.

Also, it is important to note that there will not be much flexibility for the buyer to request significant modifications. The essence of market place is a quick turnaround. For designing a logo from bottom up, one should still launch a contest.

We hope you find good use of this added service.

We invite you to check out it out at our new ready made logos marketplace and will appreciate if you can recommend it to anyone who may find good use of it.

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