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In this monthly news article, we will discuss our accomplishment of 2016. Logo Arena has been in operation for over 5 years, and each year we have faced a lot of challenges but we also overcame those to become what we are today. Logo Arena takes pride in being the best in the market for delivering business logos. When we say best, what we really mean is delivering a service that our clients can be fully satisfied with. There may be other companies that may have more sales, bigger designers’ communities, and higher profits; but no one can come close to our level of customer service and customer satisfaction. This is because we go out of our way to ensure that every client is happy with the results. Additionally, since we hand-pick best-of-the-best logo designers to join our community, each design submitted in a logo contest has a potential of winning, unlike in other sites where 80% of the designs are, quite frankly, garbage. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights that Logo Arena is very proud of.

Total Number of Logo Designs Submitted in 2016


There are so many hard working logo designers from all around the world that work day-in and day-out with our clients. We couldn’t be more proud of all their hard work. Our designer community is our core asset and we do everything we can to keep their competition as fair as possible and to ensure their efforts are rewarded. Logo Arena wouldn’t be a viable business without designers and we appreciate all their efforts.

Total number of hand-picked designers in our community by the end of 2016


It is no secret that our designer community is the most exclusive group of logo designers online. We accept only 3% of the applicants to ensure that overall quality of our portfolio isn’t compromised. Some of the variables we look at while accepting designers in our community is their quality of work, experience, their integrity and ethics. They not only have to produce quality results but also have to prove their originality. This is why if anyone is caught using open-source trace-images or clipart, their account is indefinitely banned from Logo Arena; some did have to learn this the hard way. We do this so every single client can trust the Logo Arena brand to deliver original business logo.


Top Business Logos by Industry type in 2016

% of Total Sales By Industry Type

When clients fill-out their design brief, we ask them to classify their industry. This guides designers to understand the overall market-place. In 2016, Retail, Real-Estate and Construction businesses were our top industries. The chart above lists top 10 industries that fulfilled their business logo needs in 2016, out of 26.


Size of Designers’ Community by Country

About one-third (29%) of our designers’ community is from Indonesia! United States is the second biggest with 11% of all designers. India, Romania and Philippines are in top 5 with 5-6% in each. Overall, we have designers from 81 countries!


Top 3 Designers in 2016

creativiti: Won 32 contests

PMLogos: Won 31 contests

rasyamalik: Won 28 contests

Prabbal, Peter and Rasya, and every one else that participated: thank you so much for all your efforts. Logo Arena wouldn’t be Logo Arena without you guys!


Top Countries by Sale in 2016

Overall, we sold logos to clients from 47 countries in 2016! United States was a clear #1, followed by Germany and Canada. Canada and Italy were in top 5 may be due to local word-of-mouth by their Canadian and Italian co-founders. Fun fact, Usman (Canadian co-founder) and Massimo (Italian co-founder) have been business partners for over 8 years, and Logo Arena isn’t their first business venture together. In these 8 years, Usman and Massimo have met in-person only once, in Berlin, in 2013 Skype does wonder for conference calling.

Also, we would like to thank Mattias Abele for heading the German domain (logoarena.de), Alex Michieli for leading Spanish version and Adam Robaczewski for leading the French subsidiaries of Logo Arena brand (logoarena.fr). Without these partners, our global presence would not have been possible.

We would also like to shout out to correpe, U_Design, DBanks, Fontana, NightOwl, osgraphic, JuanSBach, EdEnd, nigz65, Rays, Immo0, jctoledo, HALO, sengkuni08, anung_design, Reaction for being the most active designers in our community.

Steve (Retrometro_Steve), thank you for being a great moderator for Logo Arena!


Average # of Entries per Contest in 2016


Different packages receive different number of entries. Forexample, our basic package that costs $249 received on average 96 entries per contest. $349 package received 110 entries on average and $499 contest received 185 entries on average. Anytime a client used the custom package of more than $500, received 316 entries on average!

Another fun fact, any time a client used the tip option to tip the top 3 designers, received 14% more entries than when a client didn’t use a tip option. Tipping is not only a good-will by client, there is also a good business value in it

Average Satisfaction Rating in 2016


Our client satisfaction rating reflects how satisfied they really are. Our money-back policy protects both clients and designers. The essence of it is that if a client has received a reasonable amount of entries in a contest and still isn’t satisfied, we will work with them to ensure they get a business logo they are happy with. If not, we will do a partial refund. If there hadn’t been reasonable amount of entries received for whatever reason then we will provide a 100% refund. In 2016, only 3% of the clients received a refund, and even those clients rated us well for delivering on our money-back promise!

We hope to continue to please our clients and designers alike. We wish everyone lots of success in 2017!

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