Launch a Logo Design Contest

As your creatively worded proposal leaves the printer you, once again, look at your logo and think: “My logo really needs to be redone, it is not capturing the spirit of my business”.

When you run a business there never seems to be enough time to get everything done, and the tasks that make money for you will come first, so many keep the same logo that they are only marginally happy with for years. Your logo represents you.  Before customers and potential customers read a word of your letter or proposal they will look at your logo. Having a logo that doesn’t represent exactly who you and your company are is not an option.

There is no need to take the time for a meeting with a single graphic designer. Let us assist you in creating a design that makes you as proud of your logo as you are of the rest of your business by setting up a logo design contest. Logo Arena is a community of professional graphic designers all over the world who will receive your request and compete to create the logo for your business.

How is it possible that they could ever understand your business without meeting you to get a feel for what you want?  By using our simple yet effective questionnaire you give our designers a sense of what you’re looking for by answering questions such as:

*What style would you like to represent you with examples shown by those who used a character, emblems or a distinctive mark?

*What values should your logo communicate to buyers?

*Will your logo be used on a billboard, a mobile/tablet app or possibly printed on t-shirts or mugs?

Each of these questions is carefully worded to lead the professional artists to an idea of what will suit you. When the entries arrive you’ll probably have a hard time choosing a winner. Once you’ve chosen a winner the design is yours to use in any way that will benefit your business.

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