Improved Satisfaction Guarantee

Focus on customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. If there is one thing that we can take pride in, it is our track record of very high customer satisfaction rate (98.8%). Our logo service may not be the cheapest but we sure as hell guarantee quality and satisfaction. And, we will not stop until we reach 100% satisfaction rate! This is why we have further improved our refund policy.

Previously we had guaranteed a full refund if your logo contest didn’t receive at least 50 design entries and if it had received 50 entries or more, there was no refund. We have changed that. Following is our new refund policy for each of the packages.


BASIC $249

If you receive less than 35 design entries:

100% refund

If you receive 35 or more design entries:

50% refund


If you receive less than 50 design entries:

100% refund

If you receive 50 or more design entries:

60% refund

PRO $499

If you receive less than 75 design entries:

100% refund

If you receive 75 or more design entries:

70% refund


If you receive more than the required number of entries but are still unhappy with the progress, you can choose to either accept a partial refund or a free contest extension, which will allow you to receive more concepts to finalize your logo. Should you choose a partial refund, half of the non-refundable portion will be awarded to the best ranked designer. This is to ensure that we keep our designer community interested for your future business.

We believe our refund policy is very reasonable because it reduces the risk for both clients and designers. You will have dozens of designers working on your logo design; it is only fair that their efforts are rewarded as well. However, your satisfaction is important which is why from now on you will risk only a fraction of money and your odds of being unsatisfied will continue to be less than 1.2%.

If you are convinced, click here to start your next logo project!



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