Do-it-yourself Logo Softwares

Logo Design market has changed dramatically over the past few years with innovation in technology which enables you to design a logo yourself, design contest sites like where dozens of logo designers compete for a company logo and then there are traditional design agencies.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Do-it-Yourself logo softwares (e.g. logo maker). Then we will compare it with custom made logos designed by professional designers. Given the cost and benefits of both options, decide for yourself which option is better for your business.

Fast and Convenient:

Picture this, you’re about to launch your new business but all of a sudden you realize you do not have a logo to identify your company. Instead of running after a designer during last minute that is going to cost you a lot of money and time, you can simply use logo software like logo maker or logo snap. Best advantage of using a Do-it-Yourself logo maker is that you can get a logo design within minutes!

Cost Effective:

Another good advantage of using logo software is that it will cost you a lot less than a professional logo designer or a logo contest company. Some of the logo softwares will not even charge you anything so you can literally get a logo design for free. Given the nature of most start-ups where finances are already in a negative cash flow, a free logo wouldn’t hurt at all.

Easy as pie:

Clipart relevant to all industries can be found in a logo software databases. All you have to do is pick a clipart, write you company name, play around with fonts and color and voila, you got yourself a logo design.

So if you are in a hurry, with low budget restricts and do not want to bother with design firms or freelancers then Do-it-yourself logo maker might be something for you but read the disadvantages as well before you consider a logo maker

Copyright Issues:

Since you are using a clipart (standardized image/icon) from these logo softwares, there is a great possibility that someone else might be using the same design. You can change the colors and layout but if the image remains the same as other companies who are using that same clipart then you might either face a dispute with another company or your company might be confused by others and vice versa. Imagine if Nike had used a clip art for its logo, would it be able to establish such a strong brand if dozens of other companies used the same icon? Probably not!

Lack of Brand Identity:

Due to the copyright issues, it is really hard to develop a brand identity for your company. Brand identity is something that should be unique for a single company so the target audience can identify the business from other competitors. There is a chance that multiple companies use a same logo design within same industries which will make it impossible for companies using logo softwares to establish unique business identities. Then again, this is the cost you end up paying for using free logo designs.

Lack of professional expertise:

Back in the days when designers were hard to come by and very expensive, these do-it-yourself logo softwares would’ve been great options for small business owners. But now, due to the advancement of internet, it has become really easy to find professional designers from all around the world. There are so many logo designers willing to design for such a small fee (from $200-$500) now. Every decision should be made after a cost-benefit analysis. If you plan to be in a business for a long term then it would be wise to spend a little extra to own a custom made professional logo design.

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