Client engagement versus Overall Contest Success

Often time clients host a logo contest but then do not engage with the designers until the very last day. Although, the overall satisfaction is still very high for these clients, but we have noticed that due to their lack of engagement, they receive 55% lower number of design entries than those clients that are considered highly engaged.

What do we consider client engagement? It is the client’s direction and feedback for the participating designers. Logo designers read the contest brief and present an initial draft to the contest holders. Designers then expect clients to provide feedback so they can improve upon the initial draft. If we do not hear back from the client then they simply move on the next available contest. So in a way, clients are competing for designers’ time.

The best way to engage with the designers are to provide them feedback which you can do so by clicking on their design and submit a private comment. You should provide a feedback even if you do not like an initial draft. This way, designers will consider you an “active” client and will keep on presenting design mock-ups until you are satisfied with one. Once you like a design, there will still be many smaller changes that requires communication on client’s part. Review the chart below to see a very strong correlation between the numbers of comments left by a client versus the number of entries received in a contest. The more entries you have to review, the better logo design you will obtain.

The other thing you can do is rank the designs. If you are ranking the incoming entries even if you do not yet like any designs, this will create a competitive urgency among designers and will divert their focus on your contest, which will also result in more entries.

In the end, we understand that quality matter over quantity, but if you increase the number of participants in your contest, by no means will this deter the quality of design entries.


Overall Logo Contest Success


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